Favorite travel bag #1: The Catalina Deluxe

Hello all! I deeply apologize about the long pause in my blog posts. Five months ago, I started a new job that distracted me away from my blog. The good news is, I travel ALOT for my new job and I have a ton of travel advice to share with you!

Maybe the most important part of travel is packing smart. And I know, easier said than done. Help yourself by starting with the right luggage.

I am proud to announce to the world that I am a carry-on-baggage-only-gal. The Catalina Deluxe small weekender bag from Lo & Son’s helps to make that possible.


This bag claims to make travel easier and spoiler alert: it totally does. Here’s a video of what fits inside:

This bag is made out of canvas and weighs 20oz on its own. Here are some of the features.

BOTTOM POCKET Features a bottom zipper pocket with a removable padded insert to separate an extra pair of shoes, toiletries, or dirty clothes. Perfect for an overnight stay or a carry-on addition to your luggage.

The bottom compartment perfectly packages away shoes, full outfits, or bulky makeup bags.


PASS-THROUGH SLEEVE The back panel pass-through sleeve allows you to slide the Catalina Deluxe over suitcase handles for seamless travel. It also features double-sided zippers that can adjust to fit different handle widths.



This one is my favorite feature. I love gliding through the airport with nothing on my shoulders. It makes me feel free….like I can actually go get that coffee and be able to hold it without 30lbs dragging me down while I’m trying to get my hair out of my lipgloss and simultaneously answer that phone call. You know what I mean. Hot mess express type of traveler. We’ve all been there. I made a point to learn from those mistakes and step one was buying this bag. I must say, I really love it. I also love using it for the pool and the gym.

This bag retails for $128 but I got mine during one of their 30% off sales. If you don’t have the patience to wait for their next sale, you can just sign up for thier mailing list to receive 15% off. Either way, its a great buy that you wont regret.

Go get you some. Grab it here.


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