What yoga has taught me #2

Continuing on my yoga journey, I am left to constantly reflect on what I’ve learned and what impact the practice has made on my life. In my first post,  I spoke about the breath and the unimaginable importance of it in everyday life. Today, I want to discuss another very valuable lesson I have learned.

2) Move, speak, and think consciously.

I know…another seemingly easy one, right? Sorry my friends, but this may be the most difficult one of all. Frist, let’s dissect what this even means. Think about your day today. Retrace your steps, thoughts, and words. It’s difficult to realize how many things we do unconsciously. Thoughts have always been the most difficult for me. I find that throughout the day, thoughts enter my mind, uninvited, and have the potential to change my mood instantly. It wasn’t until I started practicing yoga that I realized how damaging not having control over my thoughts could be. Throughout out the day, we have to deal with so many outside stimuli that could take us in several different directions. Practicing consciously moving, speaking, and thinking while alone is a great place to start. The good news is that it’s not rocket science, it just takes extra thought and attention.

Another example would be the unconscious movement of the physical body. Periodically, I find myself clenching or holding tension in specific places for no particular reason. I’ve made a habit of scanning my body throughout the day and finding any places where I may be doing that. I release the tension and then try to consciously do this for the rest of the day.

Words are powerful. Most of us have heard the phrase “think about what you say before you say it”. Just as words can help you make connections, they can also be destructive. I’m a firm believer in “say what you mean” and this concept is not meant to censor your words. Instead, it is to help you become more of your authentic self. I alone can think of many times in my life where I said something I didn’t truly mean and instantly wished I could take back. The goal is to avoid that. Every time I open my mouth, I want my words to be a reflection of my true thoughts.  I found that without intention, this helped eliminate negativeness from my daily conversations.

Please understand that this is a journey. With the coming days, challenge yourself to really tune in. As soon as an uninvited thought comes in, kindly escort it out. Be connected to your movement and frequently scan the body for unneeded tension. Think before you speak and let your words always be a true reflection of who you are. With practice, you too will find the profound positive impact this can have on your life!


Please share your thoughts and comment below! 

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