Experiencing the Hello Kitty Themed Cafe in Taipei

I just got back from an amazing trip to Taipei, Taiwan. This was my third trip to Taiwan and I had a long list of places I wanted to visit. Dominating that list was a number of themed cafe. Over the past several years, Taipei has developed a very inquire themed cafe culture. They have everything from Hello Kitty themed cafes to toilet (yes, toilet) themed cafes.

Being a not so closeted Hello Kitty freak in high school (I drove around with a massive HK decal on my car), this cafe was at the top of my list. I’ve seen pictures before and I just needed to experience it myself.

Hello Kitty Kitchen and Dining
Address: No. 90, Section 1, Da’an Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106
Phone: +886 2 2711 1132


As soon as you walk in, you enter the bakery.

Looking through the glass, I wanted EVERYTHING. There were hello kitty cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and everything in between.


My boyfriend literally had to drag me out of this area to walk up the stairs and into the actual restaurant. Walking in, you are transported to a HK wonderland. Hello Kitty wallpaper lines the walls along with Hello Kitty shaped booths and pretty much pink everything.

It took me 20 mins to go through the menu because it was just SO DAMN CUTE.

The menu offered lots of western options such as burgers, pastas, and chicken wings. We decided to play it safe and both got burgers.



The food was marginal, but lets be real: hello kitty shaped anything is always more exciting. Every part of the meal was HK branded.

Once you are done, you take your check over to the counter to pay. Our bill came out to 1023 NT which is about $34 dollars US. That included our burgers, soups, rolls, puddings and beverages. Not bad at all!


Overall, I had a great experience here. This is a must visit for any Hello Kitty fan. Sure, the food is just okay but everything else was magical.

What are your favorite themed cafes around the world? Please comment below!

****Shoutout to my awesome boyfriend who let me drag him here.

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  1. i skipped this but enjoyed the toilet cafe while i was there!:)


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