Beauty Post: Favorite Face Mask

I believe in taking care of all parts of your being: mind, body, and soul. When it comes to the body, the most important aspect for me has always been skincare. When your skin is healthy, you just feel amazing,  right?!

Today I wanted to share with you a mask I’ve been LOVING.

It’s the Dead Sea Mask by Global Beauty Care. This is a brand i’ve never heard of until I receive this in my ipsy bag sometime last year. I must say, I have many masks, but this one stands out by far.

Why I love it:

  1. The application is flawless. Close your eyes when you put it on and your transported to the spa. Super luxurious. Also very fast dry time.
  2. The price. It is $10 on Amazon. TEN DOLLARS. I have many mask that costs over $50 for less product and this mask stands up to all of them.
  3. The main ingredient: Dead sea salts. Anytime I use products with dead sea salts, my skin becomes silky smooth. Legit post spa feels.

Let me know if you try this out and what you think!!



What are your favorite masks? Comment below!


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  1. I love a good facemask! Thanks for the tip!

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  2. I looooove anything with Dead Sea salts too!!!! Try taking a bath with 1 cup of Dead Sea salt it’s so relaxing. You can mix with epsom salt too. I love Dead Sea mud masks too skin is always soooo smooth and pores so clean after

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  3. 🙂 alsooo vitacost has a great Dead Sea mud mask for 8$ “Sea minerals mud from the Dead Sea”a little drying so I use a sheet mask after but it’s affordable and very effective

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  4. Auste and Vidmantas April 13, 2017 — 5:04 am

    It’s nice to pamper yourself once in a while 🙂

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